Bureau of Economic Development, Tainan City Government

Development of smart business districts:

Along with the prevalence of 4G LTE broadband services and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, the mobile network has become one of the inevitable elements of public life. Under the development structure of Tainan Mobile and Smart City, business districts in Tainan will be developed towards the smart trend in order to build the new, smart, convenient, virtual and real experiential win-win-win business model.

In terms of promotion strategies of smart business districts, mobile business technologies will be adopted to utilize local social groups and mobile precision marketing platforms (for example, Beacon commercials/incentive delivery) for local goods and services providers to take advantage of effective and smart marketing channels. Consumers are able to receive coupons or commercial messages of providers. Providers are assisted to expand customer bases, and at the same time, combine smart and convenient transport services, real-time digital introduction, and mobile payment functions to provide high interactive and innovative business services for the public and build Tainan into a great city that links up local culture and mobile businesses.

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