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Cigu Technology Industrial Park

A.Development Background

In view of the development trend in the overall environment in Tainan City as well as the investment in major construction projects, the Tainan City Government assessed and selected Sangu Farm of TaiSugar Corporation located in Cigu District to promote "the Development Project of Tainan City Cigu Technology Industrial Park" with the aims to respond to investment needs along with the prosperous industrial development, the devotion to the building of a better investment environment, the optimization of industrial spatial position, the promotion of balanced development along the coastal area, and attracting talents and enterprises to invest in Tainan.
The Cigu Technology Industrial Park is adjacent to Taiwan Provincial Highway #17 a total development area of 142.21 hectares. It is nearby Western Coastal Highway and National Highway #8. From Anding Interchange of National Highway #1, it is the distance of 11 kilometers. The convenient traffic network allows easy access to the Tainan Science Park of Southern Taiwan Science Park (hereinafter referred to as the TSP), the Tree Valley Park, the Tainan Technology Park, the Yongkang Technology Industrial Park, the Taijiang National Park, red mangroves, and black-faced spoonbills to multiply the synergistic effect of both industrial energy and tourism energy. With the geographical advantages, the Cigu Technology Industrial Park has the potential to develop into the next generation industrial park. Now it is the top priority development park of Tainan City Government after the Tree Valley Park, Liouying Technology Industrial Park, and Yongkang Technology Industrial Park.

B.Park Planning

The Cigu Technology Industrial Park provides not only comprehensive telecommunication and electricity, convenient traffic accesses, disaster prevention, and safety, but also large, middle, and small scale land based on the design concept of industrial park. About 45.54% of the land is planned for the use of infrastructures to create the quality modernized production, living, and ecological environment. The Technology Industrial Park introduces the industries that help to position itself as the headquarters for the investment of green energy, low carbon, and middle and downstream industries of the TSP. By investing in the Technology Industrial Park and acquiring market niches, enterprises will become more competitive under globalization. Additionally, enterprises can link up to the production field with the appeal of "cultural and tourism themes" after the merging and upgrading of Tainan as well as to the development of production network of the high-tech industry at the TSP.

C.Industries Introduced

Cigu Technology Industrial Park is expected and planned to introduce industries including "the food and beverage manufacturing industry," "the plastic manufacturing industry," "the basic metal industry," "the machinery equipment manufacturing and assembly industry," "the electronic part and component manufacturing industry," and "the transportation tool manufacturing and assembly industry."

D.Development Progress

The environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the project has been approved. At present, the development proposal of the industrial park is under review. This site can be allocated as the industrial park after the development permit is issued by the Ministry of the Interior and the feasibility report has been approved by the Industrial Development Bureau. It is expected that the process to allocate the industrial park can be completed in 2015.
To avoid competition in the development of technology industrial parks, during the review process, the development project will not be started until salable industrial lands reach a certain percentage in the three industrial parks of the Tainan Technology Industrial Park, the Tree Valley Park, and Sinji Industrial Park.

E.Expected Benefits

After the development of Cigu Technology Industrial Park is completed, it is expected to bring Tainan City an annual turnover of NT$26 billion and create 10,000 jobs.

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