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Sinji Industrial Park

A.Basic Introduction

(1) Area of the Site

Sinji Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as the Industrial Park) is located at the border of Annan District and Anding District, Tainan City. Lane 124 of Gongsyue Road Section One horizontally crosses the center of the site, forming the division of Anding District in the north and Annan District in the south. At the western side of the site, there are irrigation ditches and at the eastern and northern sides, boundaries are set by roads. The site occupies the total area of 123.26 hectares.

(2) Traffic Network

The Industrial Park is adjacent to Taiwan Provincial Highway #17A. Drivers can drive on the Highway for about 500 meters to reach Sinji Interchange of Tainan Branch Line of National Highway #8. Drive on National Highway #8 for six kilometers about ten minutes, and drivers can access National Highway #1 (Tainan System Interchange). Another 15 kilometers, about 20-minute drive, will connect the driver to National Highway #3 (Sinhua System Interchange). The traffic network allows convenient accesses to the Industrial Park.

(3) Process and Estimated Work Schedule

The establishment of the Industrial Park was approved and allocated by the Bureau of Industrial Development of Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1997 according to the Statute for Upgrading Industries. Tainan County and Tainan City were merged and upgraded into one of the municipalities in Taiwan. Industry investment surged, and the City Government has sold out lands in Yongkang Technology Industrial Park, Liouying Technology Industrial Park, and Tree Valley Park. In order to meet the land demand for industries in Tainan and to foster the development of local industries, in the end of 2012, the City Government reinitiated relevant development operations of the Industrial Park, and the report on changes of development project has been reviewed by the Ministry of the Interior.

This development project is expected to acquire land in the Industrial Park and select the entrusted developer for park planning and design by 2015. In 2016, public works construction and land pre-leasing operations will begin, due to be completed within five years by 2020.

B.The Planning Concept of the Industrial Park

Initially, the Industrial Park planned land used for industries (land for industries 1 and land for industries 2) at the area of about 76.75 hectares (accounting for 62.27% of the total area) and the infrastructure about 46.51 hectares (accounting for 37.73 of the total area). Land planning includes land for industries, an administration center, tap water facilities, electricity facilities, a wastewater treatment plant, parks, parking lots, detention ponds, and green land. Public facilities are scattered in three zones, namely the north, middle, and south of the Industrial Park, to provide proper recreational space for park enterprise employees. The 20-meter barrier facilities surrounding the industrial park (including the minimum of 10-meter green belt) are designed to reduce impacts of the development of the Industrial Park on the neighborhood areas. The road system within the Industrial Park consists of access ways, main roads, and secondary roads. The land nearby the detention ponds and deformed land are planned for the use of landscaped green land. Plantation will be added according to the actual needs to create the image of the Industrial Park as green and water space.

C.Industries Permitted

The Industrial Park has been allowed to invite industries based on the guideline directions of "Six Newly Emerging Industries" promoted by the Council for Economic Planning and Development as well as the development policies of "Ten Newly Emerging Industries" in Tainan. The factors such as characters of regional environment, social and economic conditions, and the trend of industrial transformation are also taken into consideration to position the Industrial Park as the headquarters for the Great Tainan area to develop the newly emerging green energy industry. In addition to the continuous development of local industries of Tainan City, the Industrial Park follows national industry development policies to promote the relevant green industry of low energy consumption and pollution.

D.Expected Benefits

After completion, this Industrial Park is expected to create an annual turnover of NT$38 billion and 9,935 jobs.

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