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Sinying Business District

Sinying, Hometown of Lord Prince, Where Kid's Fun Lies

Sinying was originally called "Duoluoguo Community" which belonged to a district with residents of Pingpu Tribe. During the period of Koxinga, military camps were stationed at different places around, so this district was called "Sinying," meaning "new camp" in Chinese. In the Qing Dynasty, "Lord Prince's Residence" was located at Sinying, which still belonged to Chiayi County at that time. During the Japanese occupation period, due to economic restructuring and the operation of the entire railway line, Sinying was booming and very soon became a center of the district.


"Lord Prince Temple" was established in the 6th year of Emperor Yongzheng. During the period of the Qing Dynasty, five people from Quanzhou brought a saint's palanquin, an altar marshal with golden body, and a copper-made incense burner to Lord Prince Castle to reclaim the land for establishment of a temple, hence starting the development of this place. This ancient temple has a history of over 3 centuries. In 1999, it was enlisted as a Grade III historic relic. Although Large Temple was later on built as the largest Lord Prince Temple in Taiwan, it still preserves the style of the original small temple. Behind the new temple is the largest statue of Lord Prince in Taiwan. Economically, the temple attracts six million pilgrims every year, undoubtedly leading to mass consumption of visitors at the local shops in Sinying.

Speaking of Sinying, we should not neglect its important landmark, "Sinying Sugar Factory," which was one of the 4 major sugar factories in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation period. Today, while offering mini train trips for visitors, Sinying still keeps the longest mini train in Taiwan and the old houses built during Japanese ruling. The mini train sets off from the flourishing Sinying, passes by "Dairy Cattle's Home," clear running streams and small bridges, and finally arrives at the rural Liouying. In the train, there are old Taiwanese songs playing. If you are living a tense and busy city life, you can choose Sinying Sugar Factory as a place of relaxation on holidays.

Today's Sinying is where the administration center of Tainan City Government is located. The beautiful scenic spots of "Green Urban Heart" and "Swan Lake" as well as the several prosperous main streets have been promoting the local economic development. By the side of "Jiaotong Station," an ancient downtown name, is the government planned First Market, in which not many shops have been stationed, yet sufficiently revealing the farsighted planning of the future development of the business district. The old shops have their original appearance remained unchanged. Many of them have no signboard, forming a special local style there. Just because of this, only local people know where to see beautiful scenes, and where to eat delicious food, such as "stir-fried eel with rice bran," the old shaved ice store, the old cinema, and so on. All of them are within the blueprint and planning of step-by-step development of the business district in future. Let's set off right now, and head to Sinying--a place suitable for living and having fun, and you will also enjoy the fun of being a kid!

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