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Royal Lord Fire Retrieves Its Hayday and Guanzihling Hot Spring Is Reborn

"Guanzihling" was originally pronounced as "Gaoling" (meaning tall ridge) in Taiwanese. Gradually, "Gaoling" was incorrectly relayed to become the current name, "Guanzihling," actually a wonderful error. During the Japanese colonization period, since the Japanese had a habit of taking hot spring bath, many places with special geology were developed as hot spring resorts. It was said that Guanzihling was one of the three top mud hot springs in the world, but this was actually incorrect. But in Taiwan, Guanzihling is one of the four top hot springs in Taiwan, with the other 3 hot springs being Yangmingshan Hot Spring, Beitou Hot Spring and Sichongxi Hot Spring. A hot spring featured by turbid black water is called "mud hot spring." Since this kind of hot spring belongs to carbonic acid spring, the water is lubricating and has a sulfur smell. Some people believe that taking a mud hot spring bath can beautify skin and cure muscle pain. Therefore, more and more people like to visit the mud hot spring.

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Guanzihling is not only famous for hot spring. During the period of Japanese occupation, a special protective god, "Royal Lord Fire" was brought to Guanzihling. The main god worshipped was the Japanese "Immoveable Wisdom King," which had a compassionate heart and light of wisdom and could control everything in the world. At that time, this place was developed and the Japanese erected Immoveable Wisdom King above the source of fire to pray for peace. In recent years, focusing on this unique feature, Guanzihling and Siraya National Scenic Area co-organize "Royal Lord Fire Festival." All the shops and residents here work together to promote the celebration activity. People dress themselves as different monsters, and pull the mountain-worshipping car to celebrate the festival. Through this festival, when the grand opening of a hot spring season begins, many tourists were attracted to visit here. Meanwhile, for local residents, through this festival, bad luck can be avoided and good fortune can be achieved.

"Volcanic Biyun Temple" was formerly called "Volcanic Temple" as it was named after the famous local scene, "Water and Fire from the Same Source." In the Qing Dynasty, the temple enshrining Amitabha Bodhisattva (Guanshiyin) was a religious center there. Later on, the temple was on fire and was reconstructed as the appearance of today. When walking to the front door of the temple, please remember to take a look at the smiling lions by the two sides of the door because they can give you a happy mood all through the Guanzihling trip full of beautiful scenes. The scene of "Water and Fire from the Same Source" is a phenomenon that is likely to violate the principles of the nature. The place with natural gas eruption also has river water flowing down from the upper part, creating a special scene where the fire never extinguishes and the water never stops flowing. All the shops here share this special feature and enjoy the advantage of attracting more visitors.

Guanzihling prospers due to mud hot spring and attracts people's attention due to Royal Lord Fire. When all the famous scenes around are related to fire, the fire seems to symbolize its prospering function of the industries here. In addition to the hot spring hotels, there are some other industries here. After driving off Baihe Highway ramp, you can see many cafeterias and chicken restaurants opened on the mountain area. Some shops sell newly developed skincare products made from hot spring mud. Please come to Guanzihling to enjoy a hot spring bath, eat the yummy chicken cuisines, and relax in the beautiful mountain scenes. You can get all these in one trip to Guanzihling!

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