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"National Cheng Kung University"(NCKU) was originally established as "Tainan Technical College of Sotkufu" during the period of Japanese ruling, and was reorganized as Taiwan Provincial Cheng Kung University in 1956. This University was named after Zheng Cheng-Kung in memory of his contribution to Taiwan to enable the economy of Taiwan to start to grow. After the livelihood of citizens was getting stabilized, people put more expectations on improving the education of the next generation, so NCKU played a more important role.

National Cheng Kung University

Let's take a stroll on the sidewalks by the campus. Every year at the time around the graduation month flamboyant flowers (Delonixregia) just bloom, which is considered the flower of the university. Even the badge of the university was also designed with a pattern of the flower. On the campus, there is a famous landmark, "Chengda Banyan Garden," where 12 banyan trees of Kagoshima native species were planted by the Japanese Prince Hirohito in person during the Meiji period. In the past years, lots of branches and leaves have grown out of these trees, creating a good place for people to take shade and take leisure. In 1995, Cathay Financial Holding Co., Ltd. committed itself to the maintenance of the century-old banyan trees, and had its corporate mark with a design featuring the old tree.

"NCKU Business District" was actually developed to meet the needs of the college students nearby. Formerly providing pure fun and entertainment, Yule Street sold relatively affordable products. After urban planning, it was gradually transformed and the living standard of the people around was improved. New communities were established in the Business District. A great variety of dining places and special products could be found here, so it was no longer a place of low-price consumption. Later on, the three main streets of "Lane 18," "Lane 21" and "University Avenue" were linked to form a business zone. Opposite to University Avenue is just the campus of NCKU, and established with well-known brand stores. "Lane 18" is full of exotic restaurants offering special and delicious meals. Every restaurant has its modern and stylish decoration. Walking into Lane 18, you seem to have walked into alleys of Italy. You will slow down your paces to enjoy the atmosphere. Then you can walk to the end of the lane and make a turn into "Lane 21." Here many buildings of the Japanese occupation period are still preserved. They seem to be official residences surrounded by low walls and having large backyards. Today these residences have been turned to be small but peculiar bakeries or cafeterias. Now you must have heard those continuous camera shutter sounds from visitors. Each store has its loyal fans queuing. Why don't you visit these shops one by one?

The Logo of "NCKU Business District" was also designed to contain banyan tree and the dining knife and fork, simply showing the spirit of firmness and flourishing. Unlike other business districts in larger area, NCKU Business District is developed only on several streets, which turn out to have prosperous appearance and growing future. As the old saying goes, "Mountains need not height but divinity." Likewise in this business district, although it does not have many choices of restaurants, most of them offer very delicious cuisines! Youthful features of the shops here are created by young and beautiful store operators, attracting many young consumers to walk in and have a look. In recent years, they hold activities to work with the clubs of the university, and even cosplay shows on or around the Halloween. Students can spend their leisure time here to relax themselves. If you want to find back your youthful vitality and younger years, it is time to visit NCKU Business District now.

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