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Confucius Business District

LOHAS Life in Confucius Temple, the Cradle of Culture

During the period of Koxinga, when the military government became more stable, the ministers suggested Zheng Jing to build "Confucius Temple" in Taiwan. At the very beginning, only "Dacheng Temple" was built for people to respect and worship Confucius. Later on, there was the establishment of "Minglun Academy," the first academy of Taiwan. Following the cultural development, the residents and commercial activities around Confucius Temple began to prosper.

Confucius Temple Commercial Districts

In the Qing Dynasty, this site was called "Sanjie Altar," being the tallest southern slope in Tainan City. Owing to its ideal position as a battlefield, Sanjie Altar had different kinds of important constructions built. During the period of Japanese ruling, the Japanese, taking the roundabout as the center, built the Tainan City Hall, a police station, a Catholic church, a temple and an academy. It was also said that the fengshui of this site was extraordinarily good so that a large number of politicians, businessmen and celebrities were cultivated around here. Whether it was because of the support of Confucius or the blessings of Tainan people's ancestors, the importance of Confucius Temple can never be neglected.

Since 2001, Tainan City Government renamed this area as "Minsheng Green Park Cultural Zone." This Zone has over 21 historical sites of the Qing Dynasty and the Japanese occupation period, being a zone having the richest historical and cultural resources in Taiwan. When groups of people gathered at the same site and the infrastructure was completed, commercial activities were naturally developed. Especially "Fujhong Street" starting from the"Pan Temple Stone Arch" broke the traditional barriers and integrated intellectuals and artists as well as commercial activities. On the contrary, the zone has been designed as a walking street of cultural creative products. On the short but all-inclusive walking street and Nanmen Road, we are able to enjoy tranquil cafeterias, Kinmen fried noodles, oden kiosk, tofu pudding, and different kinds of young and creative products. During the blooming time of variegated coral bean flowers in March of every year, you can invite your friends to have a cup of coffee and listen to the music under the tree. You do not need to go to Italy, and in Tainan you can have the pleasant enjoyment.

Being in "Confucius Business District," a cradle of ancient and modern cultures, you can imagine the civil servants' respect for and pursuit of profound knowledge by the time they dismounted here. Even right now, Confucius Temple is just like a gas station for human spirit. Take a bicycle ride on Nanmen Street, and have a peaceful mind to enjoy it. When you arrive at Minsheng Green Park, you can tour around the historical sites. Get off your bike, and walk under the trees in Confucius Temple, which isolates itself from the busy and congested street. You'll find yourself embraced by a quiet atmosphere. Walk out of Confucius Temple, and pass by Stone Arch. Try to appreciate the creativity that each creator wants to present in their works. While walking in the history, you can see the future. In Confucius Temple, the hoofbeat sound of your horse is not made by mistake. You are a person who returns home, not a traveler just passing by!

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