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Business district highlights and building Tainan into a shopping paradise

Commercial District Highlights, Easy-shopping in Tainan

The introduction to 15 business districts in Tainan includes Anping, Confucian Temple, NCKU, Chungcheng Ginza, Guohua- Youai, Haian, Sansing, Sinhua, Yujing, Siaying, Dongshan, Guanzihling, Shanhua, and Madou.

Each business district has its unique and fascinating stories. People coming to Tainan should listen to these stories before traveling the places around.

Traveling Tainan Business Districts from the Old Age to the Modern Days ~~

Tainan, an ancient capital nurturing the Taiwanese culture, has gone through gradual development from the period of the Dutch rule, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the period of the Japanese rule, to the period of the Republic of China. With the formation of culture in different periods, commercial behaviors were created accordingly. From the gathering of coolies in the old age to today's markets, and when streets were bustling with people, culture and business districts were interweaving. Because of culture, there was business. Because of business, living culture was produced. Unconsciously, …

How do we present the development history of the business districts of Tainan? In fact this is a formation process of a city out of concentrated settlements. These settlements have transactions due to daily necessities of people. Just because of daily necessities of people, diversified business districts are produced. How funny can a business district be? Is it merely a concentrated place of vendors? Aren't all business districts the same? In the process of our interviews with local people, and from the past travel experience, our feelings of being deeply touched or moved are stirred up by these people, instead of the ornate buildings or the diversified products. Visitors are easily caught by the spiritual elements produced from the local people's participation and the historical trails of local life. In Tainan business districts, there are a great variety of things and objects, which are so abundant that we don't know how to sort them out in order not to miss any single person, thing or object.

Thematic linking of business districts is a selected direction of presentation after communications and discussions for many times, and after unfolding of the most wonderful scenes in different places. Of course there are numerous possibilities to be explored by visitors. Ride on a bicycle to travel around Anping that has soldiers' footprints left, Confucius Temple where civil servants once dismounted, and the recently modernized National Cheng Kung University. If you are accustomed to city travels, you can start traveling from the old cinemas on Jhongjheng Road, or called the Ginza in the old days, get off your bike at Guohua Youai to walk on the street and visit the stores, ride to Sansing to look for traces of the 3 main business districts in those good old days, and stay for a while in Haian to feel the exotic hustling nightlife. Pilgrimage route sets off from 18 Rao in Sinhua, Beiji Temple in Yujing, Xuantian Temple in Siaying, and Lord Prince in Sinying. Any couple wishing to have a romantic trip can drive on Road No. 175 to breathe the fresh air, and start the trip from the coffee shops in Dongshan, to the densely located hot springs in Guanziling, featured corridors in Shanhua Cattle Market, and the 12 Grandmas and Sisters in Madou. No matter which choice you take, and in which season of a year, these business districts present marvelous and fascinating scenes that you'll never forget.

These 15 business districts have so many stories left to tell, so how can they be simply expressed in a thousand words? There is a saying on the internet, "Travel is to walk out of a place in which you are tired of living, and go to another place in which someone else is tired of living." When you walk on each road of the Great Tainan, you can simultaneously watch every signboard closely, listen to the stories of the temples and the stories of local people, understand the heritage of old men, old women and old temples, watch the historical and cultural films produced by local historical and cultural workers, read the books written by them, and feel the careful management of the kindhearted people of different business district associations and community associations. The longer you stay in Tainan, the more wonderful stories you'll listen to. And these stories come out endlessly.

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