Bureau of Economic Development, Tainan City Government

Our Director General: Jin-Cheng Fang


  • Master of Political Science, National Chung-Cheng University


  • Director General, Bureau of Economic Development, Tainan City Government
  • Deputy Director, Bureau of Economic Development, Tainan City Government
  • Director, Bureau of Economic Development, Tainan County Government
  • Deputy Director, Bureau of Economic Development, Tainan County Government

Message from Director General

Since the merge of Tainan City and County, in order to actively build the exceptional investment environment, Tainan City uses “Ten Flagship Projects” as the new policy blueprint. Among them “Investment in Great Tainan” has been listed as the top priority to realize the development of prosperous local economy.

In order to respond to the opportunities and challenges faced by Tainan after it was upgraded as a municipality, the Bureau has been actively inviting investment and attracting more capital, technologies, and talents to Tainan. Among them, the key to successful investment invitation is to build a platform of investment invitation that is open, independent, and comprehensive. Referring to the level of the Central Government, the Bureau set up a designated unit in charge of investment invitation as the one-stop services for global investments in Tainan to help remove various barriers and facilitate investments.

With the aim to build an exceptional investment environment as well as to combine with the development need of featured local industries, three industrial parks including Yongkang Technology Industrial Park, Liouying Technology Industrial Park, and Tree Valley Park developed by the City Government have been completely equipped with various infrastructures, and all land has been leased out. Additionally, the City Government also gained grant supports from the Central Government and allocated budgets to renew and improve old industrial parks in the City by improving functions of infrastructures, improving environmental images and safety maintenance of infrastructures, boosting vitalization of industrial parks, providing convenient traffic network to support investment willingness, and expanding production and creating job opportunities. The gradually popular trend to invest in Tainan results in the insufficient land. In consideration of local industry development and overall urban development, we restarted the development of Sinji and Cigu Industrial Park. We recruit enterprises from the low pollution, low water consumption, and low material use industries to invest in Tainan, and at the same time, Sinji Industrial Park has been built as the first one in Taiwan with zero waste water discharge.

To assist enterprises in Tainan to continuously improve their technology levels and strengthen their competitiveness for the achievement of sustainable management, the Bureau began local SBIR programs to encourage enterprises to innovate their R&D and provide more added values. Tainan City Government also led other city and county governments to first set up the “SMEs Consultation Group.” With the cooperation between and among the industry, the government, academia, and research institutions, active assistance has been provided for enterprises to solve their concerns. At the same time, when the local SMEs face the funding problem at the initial stage, Firefly Project Fund and Gre Tai Securities Fund can provide them with the timely assistance, and newly emerging industries such as biotechnology, green energy, and fashion design have been promoted through market expansion, industrial clusters, environment construction, and integrated resources. In the principle of the development of advantageous local industries and the integration of industrial chains, the City Government plans for the development of industries and vitalizes local ones with marketing to aim for global exposure from Tainan.

By attracting investment to Tainan and upgrading local industries, more job opportunities will be created, and more young people will settle down in Tainan accordingly. Therefore, in order to build a livable city, the Bureau actively creates an exceptional business environment and punctuates the business charm of Tainan. Through the selection of 100 premium quality stores, service quality and awareness of Tainan brands have been enhanced. With the introduction of creativity to the consultation given to business districts, preparation of guided maps of business districts that present historical Tainan, and microfilm competition of featured business districts, the development of various types of featured business districts has been initiated to meet the trend and demands of new generation customers. The overall commercial development has been successfully achieved with the introduction of information and telecommunication services, modernization of commerce, and expansion of business opportunities. Meanwhile, enterprises with potential and willingness are assisted to transform into tourist factories. The star ranking system for markets and LOHAS market contest boost local competitiveness, and in the future, creative integrated marketing will be introduced by linking up nearby business districts, markets, and tourist attractions for the promotion of regional development. We will build Tainan into an ideal place for living and shopping.

While developing economy, we also care for ecological and environmental protection issues. In order to realize the vision of Tainan City Government to build Tainan into a low carbon city, we takes advantage of abundant sunshine and photovoltaics industry, and through consultation, subsidies, and mandatory measures, we actively promote the Solar City of Tainan program. Since 2011, the City Government initiated the program, and now the program covers households, communities, factories, school buildings, and public housing with the total installation numbers and capacities ranked first national wide. In 2018, a solar power plant with the capacities equivalent to power generated by Zenwen Hydraulic Power Plant is expected to be built. Various measures of energy and water conservation are also promoted at the same time. The City Government would like to work hand in hand with citizens and enterprises to lead the new wave of energy saving and reduced carbon emission so as to build Tainan into a new and sustainable city of low carbon green technology.

The policy objectives of the Bureau are “building the exceptional investment environment and realization of new economy of green energy.” We work with the best effort to build a low carbon and livable environment. We continuously integrate and make the best use of resources from various fields to construct the sound economic service system and comprehensive resource network for the safe, friendly, and exceptional environment. We are devoted to developing Tainan into a prosperous and sustainable city. This city will continuously grow and develop, and the Bureau of Economic Development welcomes you to work with us for the prosperous economy of great Tainan!