Bureau of Economic Development, Tainan City Government

Industrial and Commercial Administration Section

(1) Registration and administration of industries, businesses, and enterprises;

(2) Industrial and business statistics;

(3) Administration of factory calibration;

(4) Certification issuing for the complete establishment of emerging strategic industries;

(5) Chattel guarantee registration;

(6) Inspection and promotion for fair trade and commodity labeling;

(7) Preparation, preservation, and management of important goods and materials;

(8) Registration of tap water pipeline installation;

(9) Approval of land expansion projects of lands adjacent to those in non-urban areas;

Commercial Section

(1) Business development strategy planning;

(2) Business district consultation planning and promotion;

(3) Business modern development planning and promotion;

(4) Business innovative R&D and academia-industry cooperation;

(5) Planning and promotion for local featured businesses;

(6) Consultation for emerging business street districts;

(7) Organization of trade shows and meetings;

(8) Promotion for integrated business marketing; and

(9) Business academic and technology exchanges.

Industry Development Section

(1) Industrial development strategy planning;

(2) Industrial transformation and upgrading consultation;

(3) Innovative R&D grants and industry-academia cooperation;

(4) Domestic and international industrial exchanges;

(5) Organization of exhibitions and economic seminars;

(6) Industrial publications;

(7) Promotion for emerging industries;

(8) Consultation of local featured industries and tourism factories; and

(9) Tainan Small and Medium Enterprises Services Team.

Industrial Park Section

(1) Industrial Parks (planning, site allotment, development, investment invitation, land leasing, and renewal)

(2) Service and management maintenance of industrial parks; and

(3) Establishment and management of development and management funds for industrial parks.

Investment and commerce Section

(1) Planning and promotion for investment invitation businesses;

(2) Preparation and development of investment environment;

(3) Organization of domestic and international investment invitation events and economic conferences;

(4) Investment invitation website;

(5) Supervision and administration of promotion for private participation in public construction; and

(6) Provision of investment services.

Energy Section

(1) Registration and management of public utilities;

(2) Consultation and promotion for energy saving and carbon emission reduction and renewable energy; and

(3) Coordination and promotion for electricity, telecommunications, tap water, and other public utilities.

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